Month: May 2024

10 Common Mistakes in Gentle Parenting and How to Avoid Them

10 Common Mistakes in Gentle Parenting and How to Avoid Them 10 Common Mistakes in Gentle Parenting: While gentle parenting is often praised for its empathetic and respectful approach to raising children, it's not without its challenges. In our quest to nurture a strong bond with our children, it's easy to encounter challenges. These can hinder their development and create stress for both parents and ...

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The Psychology of Daddy Issues: Understanding, Healing, and Moving Forward

The Psychology of Daddy Issues: Understanding the Impact and Healing Process. In movies, TV shows, and books, we often see characters dealing with troubled relationships with their fathers. These portrayals sometimes make "daddy issues" seem romantic or dramatic. However, the reality is much more serious What do "daddy issues" really mean, and how do they affect your life and relationships?. In this article, we'll explore ...

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Short Video Addiction Affect Children’s Learning Abilities

Short Video Addiction Affect Children's Learning Abilities. Since TikTok introduced its short video format, many social media platforms have followed suit, including YouTube with its YouTube Shorts feature. Watching short videos, like those on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts, can be entertaining, especially for taking a break from exhausting activities. However, did you know that scrolling through short video content too often can actually ...

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